Monday, September 26, 2016

Queen Victoria

I have just finished watching the movie "Young Victoria", based on Princess Victoria who became Queen in 1837-1901. Her time in power was the longest reign of any ruler in English history. It came to be known as the "Victorian" era. (I love Victorian) The movie is based on her early and often turbulent years as a young girl who became the Queen of Great Britain. She was barely 18 when she was crowned, history tells us she was very vivacious, she loved to have parties and flirted with many gentleman of the court and sometimes even her ministers. Her courtship and marriage with Prince Albert is the focal point of the movie

It starts in 1836 a year before her ascension to the throne and as a young girl her life is dictated to by her scheming mother "The Duchess of Kent" and the man she loved "John Conroy", they both together tried to block "Princess Victoria"s path to the throne and wanted it for themselves. But she was very stubborn and would not give in to their pressure, (I was thinking good for you girl!) John Conroy was happy to control her but in the end it saw him out once she became Queen.

The romance between Princess Victoria and Prince Albert was the most beautiful part and even with all the pomposity of it all and the how he was chosen as a husband for her, when he met her for the first time he fell in love with her, and she would not marry without love so it was perfect. Most people think they know who "Queen Victoria was but it has been said when she was a young woman she was an amazing and dynamic romantic personality and not how she was depicted in her later years. Who doesnt have memorabilia of a elderly "Queen Victoria" in black bombazine dress and the funny caricatures of her. I think this movie helps us to imagine another side of her and its about time too. Lovely movie! Oh the dresses were so beautiful, what a lovely era, "The Victorian Era" ~sigh~

Blessings to all

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